Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Spring 2019

  • Carol's first patchwork cushion

Shelly goes on retreats and this is her board bag.

Margaret retrieved a quilt started ....years ago.

Margaret Kindly offered this for Kenya.
Susanne has a Japanese influence here.
Gloria tried this jelly roll quilt 
Pat has completed her Compass quilt from a precious workshop
Chris has made the famous Jeaniality bag
Here is the other side of the bag
Mary wanted to contribute to Kenya charity and dug out some blocks and put this super quilt together
Pat has enjoyed sashimi and made this cushion
Carol has made her Jeaniality bag so now she is off on her patchwork journey
Hereis the other side of her bag.
Margaret has put this lovely black and white quilt together
Pat has made yet another sashiko cushion. 
Sandra has gone all African with this quilt from har stash of African fabrics

Cherrill has put this French braids quilt for her bed.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

2019 January

Cherrill has made this bed quilt using a French braids pattern.

Rory has made this quilt based on Kaffee Fasset pattern
Sue has made her first large quilt. Very successful.
Carol has made this cot quilt.
Lorraine has made this Christmas Fir cone.
Sandra has managed to make her own version of Sun Bonnet sue.
Anne has designed her own blue and white quilt.
A lovely table runner.
Jill joined us recently and made this lovely cushion.
Margaret has made this quilt for her grandson.
Betty made this attic window with some animal blocks.
Lorraine seems to like Tigers.
Amanda finished her quilt which she started at a previous group.
A school bag from Gloria
Margaret made this pink and blue rail fence quilt.
 Gloria has made this start with diamonds in a cushion
 This is a mermaid kit from Florida for Gloria.

 Vanessa made this clever star quilt

Chris has made her first bag

My black and white sampler

Sussanne has made this bird quilt.
Dinosaurs are winners with kids
Penelope has worked hard with this sampler quilt .
Betty has made a start quilt.

Betty has made this half triangle quilt with her scraps.
Hilary has made this starting from a book the her designer self finished it herself.
Anne made this bag with her own design.

 Betty made this with her pink and blues.
Gloria has made this with panels from Florida.

 Penelope made this Giraffe.

Sandy made this crazy girl found at the NEC.

Mary has made this kiddies quilt.
Margaret has finished after years of work.
Mary has made this picture from Gails bird patterns.