Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My latest quilt called Jazzy Wazzy

Well I dont know about you but I seemed to have collected a few scraps of material in the last 15 years. So here comes another scrap quilt inspired by the expert Katherine Guerrier. Her book Scrap Quilt sensations has so many good ideas. I selected predominently my pinks, turquoise and lime greens then added what I considered to be acceptable. It is machine pieced. Sue Quiltessence has made a superb job with her long arm quilting and for anyone who hesitates about having their quilt done don't. She is the best.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

January class items in progress

This is Pam's cat quilt. its about a metre square and the material was bought in America on one of her trips. This is Jan's quilt in progress. Only the borders to go. it almost looks 3D.

Monday, 19 January 2009

The Monday Flower Power Workshop

This was a lovely day where the students learnt a completely new technique for them doing bonded applique with decorative stitches around the petals and leaves. They gained more confidence with their sewing machines. Janet almost completed this wall hanging and had fun using stitches that she had not tried before.
This is Barbara's pieces which is a lovely purple. Her Pfaff was giving her grief when doing the leaves.

This is Ineke's piece which is going to be a small wall hanging. She had a chance to try some of her machines nice stitches.

This is Susannes piece in progress. She is making it into a cushion to go with the quilt she is making.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

2009 specials

This is a sample of Mary's blocks prepared during a workshop. There were more in various states of preparation and whatch this space to see more.

This is a quilt that I put together based on a picture of a quilt by Olga Prins Lukowski. There was no pattern so I worked out a way of putting the blocks together. I call it floating triangles.

This cushion was made by Betty on the Flower Power Workshop.

Jean comes to my wednesday morning class and here is a super quilt for her grandson. The special character blocks are surounded in green and orange log cabins. It is a quillow so there is a block on the back which turns this into a cozy pillow.

Betty from the Tuesday afternoon class came to one of the Saturday workshops on the shaded 4 patch. That was it she was addicted to make more. That was started in October and now it is ready to be sent of to Sue quiltessence to be quilted. Well done Betty.