Sunday, 17 July 2016

April to July

Cherrill has made her holiday bag
Helen has made this Peter rabbit. We had fun getting there but now finished.
Gloria has made the next 2 front and back.

 Linda has made the quilt from Marys pattern

 Julie made this 3 d fling geese quilt

 Joan has made this lovely bag with a clever manipulated centre piece

 Linda P has made this quilt from her foundation pieced patterns
Betty made this at the last shaded4 patch workshop

Vanessa had fun with this shaded 4 patch. A great success
 Lorraine has made this cushion using somerset centre piece
Sue has had fun with one of her first children quilts
 Gloria has been making novelty bits
Casper is looking after the quilts I made for Kerry's sisters children

I think jayne made this bag.
Jane has made this amazing double wedding quilt and hand quilted. Finished her birthday.
Pat has finished her bed quilt and quilted by Mandy

Gloria has extended this after coming to workshops on the shaded 4 patch the next picture is the back