Thursday, 16 December 2010

Crazy wedges workshop

My samples for inspiration for the Crazy wedges workshop. None of these were finished items but possibilities for future ideas.
Carol chose purple for her wedges.
Estelle matched her materials with some of Marion Jacques salmon pink material.
Mary's is on the left and Gill's on the right.
Betty used a pale where I had used black and it worked out well.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

December 2011 Class Items

Here are some of the students bags. There are many more that were made during the last few years.
Suzanne has made this for her daughter.
Val has made loads of bags and this Christmas tree.
Jean had some super material which have turned into a pair of cushions.
Linda has made up this super Christmas runner with some foundation pieced trees.
Janet showing Jan her finished quilt. It had just been returned from Sue Quiltessence and a lovely job was done.
Jan also had her brown quilt long arm quilted by Sue. The students are really pleased with the result.
Jan also made this crazy quilt and had Sue quilt it. Its so colourful.
Dawn made this small bag having been encouraged by Val.
Ah! Snow can make the garden look magic but where were the students. Whoops our road was really bad.
Thursday 2nd December.

November 2011 class items

Rory has made a bowl one Thursday Afternoon
Linda joined Rory in bowl making
Linda has also finished a second bag
Rory has finished this log cabin. The blocks were small so a good finished item. Rory found the Janome 1/4" foot was not 1/4" so has adapted hers.
Jacky is a happy person as this quilt was started about 20 years ago and now it is finished after hours of hand quilting.
Dawn has finished her bag. I am sure she was happy to finish it.
Dawn's bag was a challenge for a teddy bear expert but it got there.
Stars and stripes crazy squares turned into 2 cushions.