Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I had to start the June label with the cats having fun in the sun.


Carol has made this lovely cot quilt with small houses.

Carol from Tuesday afternoon class has made this Jubilee quilt below.
Leanna has made a lovely travel bag for her daughter.

Susanne has made the travel bag in plaids with scotty dogs.

Naomi has made her first big quilt using rail fence.

Margaret has made a double sided crazy lap quilt. she claims it for her in her old age when she gets there.

Margaret westhead has made a lovely black and white quilt below.

This is Vals bag finally finished.

Christine has made this quilt showing both the front and the back.

Betty did the workshop on Wonky 9 patch and made this.

Rae has made this as a table cover for cream teas.


Carol has made this great cushion.
Tracy made this japanese style wall hanging

Tracy made this fabric bowl using fast 2 fuse. It takes about 3 hours.

Ineke has made this bag to carry her doggy toys etc.

The table runner below was made by Annie. I also think the cushion above is hers.
Leanna has dipped into arty quilts with this small wall hanging.

Peggy has made this grand childs quilt.

Jo has made this lovely girly cushion. It needs to be seen close up to see all the extra details.

Leanna has made this pretty quilt for her daughter. She has also made a travel bag a laundry bag and some bunting.

Margaret has made this pale quilt. Quite a complicated block.

Shelly has made a yellow quilt to put along the bottom of her bed.

Hilary has made this childrens quilt. a lovely color mix. 

Estelle has made this cozy raw edged quilt.

Christine has made this lovely bag and she is so pleased with it she wants to make another one.

                       A set of table mats below are made by Margaret from Wednesday morning group.
Peggy has made these celtic pieces which will make up a headboard for a bed.

This is a quilt made by Pauline and amazing to make 35 star blocks. well quilted.

Leza has made this cushion and the colours chosen actually makes it glow.
Ineke has a lovely dog as above and captured in a wall hanging.

Christine has made this quilt with 16 different coloured blocks. The points look pretty good.
Gill was with us for a period while staying in the area and made this great bag. Gill is in spain for now but due back later.

Rory made this for her daughter and was troubled as she did not like the colours but her daughter loved it.

Another travel bag this one made below by Jo. These bags are becoming very popular.
Jean has made this lovely black and white quilt.

Margaret has made this as her first patchwork piece. Pretty good points.