Monday, 27 July 2015

Quilts added since March.

The most recent quilts.
Margaret was experimenting with different blocks. Here is Monkey wrench.
Sue made this quilt courthouse step played like brickwork.
Sue made this rail fence with 2 rectangles only but the colours control it.
Margaret has made this baby quilt.

Shelly has made the travel bag.
Trish has made the Dr Who Tardis.

Penelope has made this huge Blue and yellow quilt with 3D flying geese in the border.

Naomi has made a pink and white quilt for her Grandaughter.

Sandra has gone modern with this bright small quilt.
Betty has rescued this quilt from her craft group and really enjoyed putting it together.
Betty has put these half triangles together making a good scrap quilt.
Rory has been patiently putting these pieces together from a Kaffee Fassett pattern.

Julie has gone bright and happy with this French design.