Friday, 1 November 2019

students 2020

Gill tried the amazing piece from Phillipa
We stayed above this village store in Helford
Penelope must be so pleased. This was constructed in 3 or 4 parts then joined. then the quilting was finished over the joins.
Gloria has completed the pattern and added it to the cushion

My celtic sample just stage 1
This is the bondaweb that was stuck to the back of the celtic pattern.
Mary has made a play mat that will make a child smile.
The start of my version from a lesson from Phillipa Naylors lessons online. More to be added to this sample.
One of my samples for students to try
A sample to try using triangles
One of my recent samples sent to students to try

 Jo has added a border to her version

My sample the Odd log where the order of the strips were swapped
Linda has finished her disappearing 9 patch. Really cheerful during these strange times.

Chris from Tuesday group is well ahead for Christmas.

Quilt by Jill Revans
 From the garden
Gill has provided this one
 Gloria sent this version.
Mary's dandelions
My contribution

The latest block as a challenge
 The seminole strip

This weeks block is diagonal pathways and would look more dramatic with more blocks

This week is Courthouse step

Susanne made this table runner

Carol has made this version

Jo has added her block

Penelope made this courthouse steps

Pevious block

Previous block
 This is what happens when you put four blocks together

This is Jo she has already made a block

Rory made this block into a bag

Rory's version of one of the blocks

Anne has made this version.

Gloria said she managed to make two. Very clever.
Linda has made this black and white version
Anne has finished her quilt and it looks amazing.

Susanne has just finished her quilt for her grandchild to be.

Carol used the French braids pattern to make this cushion and the other one was done in class.

Other French Braid samples

Betty finished another half triangle quilt for Linus.

French Braids

November 1st
November 4th after Andy removed the tiles
Tuesday 5th
No conservatory
All gone back to a new patio for now.
 20th November
old cupboards

plastering done 19th
cooker sold and gone to a new home
frame of new conservatory
bricks ready to extend wall
doorway plastered
new plaster
space where cupboards have been removed
slightly cleaned up ready to remove tiles
Walls drying
 Tiles ready to be removed

Kitchen removed 22nd November
Tiles removed
Floor tiles removed
Radiator plumbing first fit November 25th

2nd Radiator first fit
The walls were plastered
The walls where the new fridge/freezer, larder, cookers, sink and dishwasher will sit starting next Wednesday. Andy is going to paint the walls I hope this weekend.
All painted white
 All painted white
Frame going up on 2nd Dec
 Small windows 1 - 5 to be updated to 3 as organised
 Frame going up on 3rd Dec no windows yet
Its getting there
 Friday 6th December
Kitchen skeleton in progress

The island
the island top
9th December roof glass goes in

Microwave and cooker slid in
Extractor but not the one ordered
The island top and drawers in
 The ovens in
The doors are in. 10th Dec