Monday, 20 January 2014

Landcape Workshop 22 February

These are my examples of a possible landscape for the February workshop.
Bring a postcard or photo as your inspiration.
 Jayne Made this landscape wait to see if you can recognise it.
Pauline made this landscape which reminded me of Scotland.
Margaret made this landscape from one of her photographs.
Suzanne made this landscape from one of her favourite childhood areas.
This was my look of 7 sisters based on a book by Stan Rosenthal. I still need to add quilting.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

January 2014

Val made this table runner. The block was a windmill.
 Julie had fun making this convergence. Its a shame you can not see the hand quilting of circles.
 Cherril has made this pretty wall hanging. It reminds me of Christmas.
 Valerie has made this bowl using 5 petals.
Penelope has made her Jeaniality bag. There must be so many of them around now.
 Jean has made this cot quilt with her leftovers.
Carol has worked hard on this huge quilt and she did it by quilt as you go method. 42 blocks.
Pauline has made this from her jelly roll. The colours were not her favourite but by the time she had quilted it throughout it grew on her.
 Anne has made this lined bag the second of a few I think.
 Barbara has completed a bag her second item since she started and very successful.
 Rory has made this bag for Poppy.
 Betty found this pattern for tulips which she made last year and finished the quilting over Christmas.
 Pat chose some very nice material but it was a very loose weave so hard to deal with but the result of this diamond braid has worked well.
 Gloria has completed this log cabin table runner.
 Pat made this enormous bed quilt as her second patchwork item and had it quilted by Louisa.
 Valerie has made this quilt for a friend to drape over her lace makings.
 Mags is back into bag making for a friend.
Heather has made this lovely flowery quilt.