Wednesday, 14 December 2016

October - December 2016

Jayne has used this panel and applied cut shapes in the borders.
Jayne found this material for the back and added extracts from the panel.
Estelle made this lovely quilt with embroidered squares in black thread with a little red added.
One sample from Estelle's quilt
Lillian started classes recently and made her first piece into a cushion.
A lovely cushion for Lottie.
Sue has made this quilt for her daughter.
Pat has quilted this panel and made into a cushion.
Lorraine has bought a christmas panel and machine quilted it.
Sue has been very busy and this is based on the shaded 4 patch.
Sue has made another convergence quilt with 4 different materials.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

Leaves in the shadow workshop

 My sample for the workshop
 Edwina chose to repeat 3 leaves in a row
 betty chose 3 leaves in different colours
Jill chose a selection

August and September

 Shelly has made this for her sons wedding

 Sue has made this Convergence in just two patterns
 Estelle has dipped into the past with this stripy circles
Rory has completed this French braids quilt wit some free machining
 Linda has made this pair of kiddies quilts

 Mary has developed this quilt from a pattern in the East quilts West book by Kumiko
 Naomi has made a cushion for her brother
 A cushion from Margaret
 Rory has spent a lot putting this together. It looks simple but it was getting the colours together right as she did not have enough of one of the paler materials
 Betty has made this zig zag quilt that triggered me to make my own version. 
 Linda wanted a bright travel bag and it looks great
 Jayne found this pack of materials as a bargain and look what was created
 Lorraine made this from a kit bought at the NEC
 Sue does not usually do paler colours but it looks really good with its appliqué corners
 Margaret has made this quilt which was made from a pattern she fancied. It took a lot of triangles to make but she persevered and it works
Jane made this play mat which will bring fun to children

Sunday, 17 July 2016

April to July

Cherrill has made her holiday bag
Helen has made this Peter rabbit. We had fun getting there but now finished.
Gloria has made the next 2 front and back.

 Linda has made the quilt from Marys pattern

 Julie made this 3 d fling geese quilt

 Joan has made this lovely bag with a clever manipulated centre piece

 Linda P has made this quilt from her foundation pieced patterns
Betty made this at the last shaded4 patch workshop

Vanessa had fun with this shaded 4 patch. A great success
 Lorraine has made this cushion using somerset centre piece
Sue has had fun with one of her first children quilts
 Gloria has been making novelty bits
Casper is looking after the quilts I made for Kerry's sisters children

I think jayne made this bag.
Jane has made this amazing double wedding quilt and hand quilted. Finished her birthday.
Pat has finished her bed quilt and quilted by Mandy

Gloria has extended this after coming to workshops on the shaded 4 patch the next picture is the back