Monday, 17 January 2011

Prairie Braids workshop 29th Jan

Carol chose similar colours as Rory and the braids worked really well.
Sharron made this braid but the green was not strong enough and distracted the lovely patterned materials.
Rory started on this braid at the workshop and soon you will see her finished quilt.
This is Sharrons secon braid without the green and looks really good now. Its worth changing it before you do too much.
Lyn chose these lilac colours and we need to see more soon.
Margaret really liked the idea of making a bed quilt with her materials and is going to make 10 braids to make the whole quilt with different centre squares.
Betty went bright this time andsince the day she has changed this by removing the bright blue and turquiose and using the flowered materials instead. betty was so pleased with the change there are now 5 braids and soon they will be joined.
This is the sample for the Prairie Braids workshop. It can be simplified if you ignore the black and that is an option.