Thursday, 28 June 2012

JUNE - students work

Val has made this lovely baby quilt.
Val has adapted the blocks made in the recent workshop of wonky 9 patch with inserts by adding wonky bands to alternate blocks.
Val has been so busy this is her Christmas boot and I am sure there will be more.
Leza has made a travel bag with the theme of the beach. Great fun. 
Estelle has continued with her Australian post card series. estelles applique skills are getting better and better.  
Margaret has made this bag at home as she follwed the instructions in class for the following bag.

Margaret has made her bag as do most of my students. It is a basic learning subject with different blocks. Most students then use the bag to come to class.  

Mags the artist in one of our classes is passing her painting skills into a material translation. very skillful.