Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Landscape workshop

Here are the results of the 7 students work after the Saturday Landscape workshop and I am pleased everyone chose their own inspiration which made each piece individual. A lovely selection of results which will be enhanced in the next few weeks. Watch this space to see the finalised results.
The Monday evening Carol used a postcard of the planets as her inspiration to do in this workshop.

Tuesday afternoon Carol has created this beach landscape and is adding some beach items.

Estelle has created this landscape piece based on a poster by Mr Wilkinson in the railway posters from the past. Estelle intends to add trees and bushes and maybe a stream.

Sharron has made this lovely landscape and I look forward to getting a photo from Sharron showing the completed piece.

Val selected a coastal picture for her landscape. We look forward to seeing the quilted result of this piece.

Brenda selected this landscape and went home very happy although she was a little nervous about the result earlier in the day.

Dawn, I got the name right this time despite Dawn trying to escape without me taking a photo. I just got it as she left the workshop. It will be good to see this finished with poppies in place.

This is the basic result of doing the landscape workshop. From this trees houses etc can be added and embellished and free macining. Bring your own picture as your basis.

Monday, 11 April 2011